1. Hirer and Responsibilities: It is important to understand that the person who signs the Terms and Conditions of Hire document (T&C’s) at the commencement of the hire period, is recorded as the HIRER of the vehicle and he or she is fully responsible for the vehicle IN ITS ENTIRETY for the duration of the hire and until it is returned to the owner (with the exception of some driving offences where the driver is held to be responsible for the offence committed e.g. speeding offences).


  1. Major Areas on T&C’s: We (the Motorhome Hire Network) have written our Terms and Conditions of Hire document in plain English and hopefully in a fully understandable manner. We send out a copy of our T&C’s to Hirers at the point of confirmation of booking to both save you time during the handover and to address any issues at an early stage and before the start date of hire. We have now composed this document to highlight some of the major clauses of our T&C document and to advise in areas that could not be included in a legal document. We strongly advise all hirers and drivers to read the full contents of the Terms and Conditions of Hire document prior to signing.


  1. Insurance Excess and Security Deposit: The hire vehicle insurance excess is currently set at £1000 by the Hire Insurance Company and the HIRER is fully responsible for any damage or loss of inventory or equipment below this amount (for every single event). We retain a Security Deposit of £1,100 to cover the hire insurance excess and to cover penalties that may be applicable on the return of the vehicle from hire.


  1. Initial Examination of Hired Motorhome: It is very important that all HIRER’S fully check the hired vehicle (interior and exterior) when you first take possession and PRIOR to signing the T&C’s. The owner or their representative should conduct a walk-round vehicle inspection with you. Every area of damage, every scratch, scrape and defect or equipment failure should be recorded on the T&C’s (Notification of a Hired Vehicle). This document will be signed by both the vehicle Owner and Hirer prior to the vehicle going on hire, and will constitute a full and legally agreement between both parties regarding the condition of the vehicle at the start of hire.


  1. Condition of Vehicle at Start of Hire: It is also important that any complaints regarding the overall condition of the vehicle are recorded onto this section of the T&C’s prior to the Hirer signing the T&C Document. If any part of the vehicle is found to be in a dirty condition, or if items are loose or ill-fitting (e.g. door locks loose, problems with blinds etc), then these items should be fully recorded, and agreed between Owner and Hirer. Owners that we provide bookings for are informed that their hire motorhomes and campervans must be in a clean and tidy condition both inside and outside, and must be legal and fit for purpose. Any complaints received on the return of the vehicle will be enhanced with any initial complaints regarding the vehicle being recorded onto the T&C Contract at the start of hire.


  1. Owner and Hirer to Retain Copy of Initial Condition Report of the Hired Vehicle recorded on the section headed “Notification of a Hired Vehicle:
    At the end of the T&C are 2 separate copies of the same recorded and written information (Headed – Notification of a Hired Vehicle). One copy will be retained by the owner (Owners Copy) and a duplicate copy is always provided to the Hirer (Hirers Copy). Please check when signing that both copies of this section of the document contain IDENTICAL information. This section of the T&C’s records the condition of the vehicle at the start of the hire period, including;
    A: Vehicle registration number of vehicle hired.
    B:  Recorded vehicle mileage at the start of hire
    C:  Displayed “base vehicle” fuel (as shown on the dashboard indicator)
    D: Owners contact information (for use by hirer and police or other legal authority).
    E: Dates and times of hire period.
    F: Damage recorded and agreed by Hirer and Owner before the start of the hire period.
    G: Condition of hired vehicle at start of hire.
    H: Authorised Drivers (Names).
    Record of Identity Documents produced by Hirer.


  1. Return of Vehicle from Hire and Sign-Off: When the vehicle is returned from hire, the owner or their representative will check the vehicle for any obvious damage. Any additional damage that was not recorded on the Notification of a Hired Vehicle will be recorded onto the (Return of Vehicle from Hire) section of the T&C’s and should be signed by the owner (or representative) and the Hirer.

    Please Note: If damage is discovered after a vehicle has been returned from hire that is not recorded on the Return Section as described above, and is fully attributable and evidenced to the previous hire period, then on behalf of the owner we will seek recompense from the Hirer of the vehicle, under the signed Contract of Hire (T&C’s).

    This will include instances where there is damage to the underside of the vehicle, vehicle awning (unless checked on return), engine and running gear, and any areas that require specific and detailed examination (e.g. bed slats or equipment broken, items broken then disguised or any other damage that is discovered that is fully attributable and evidenced to the last hirer of the vehicle.

    In most instances, the owners check and Owner/Hirer sign-off will suffice. We have experience of damage caused to a hired motorhome that was not discovered until a few days later as it was disguised e.g. broken items glued to look unbroken, damage to the undersides of vehicles,  water tanks and exhaust systems that were damaged and had grass and soil material in the damaged areas, tv/dvd units that were replaced with second hand units, and many other instances.

    We fully realise that over 98% of hirers are honest and reliable people, but must guard and include in our T&C’s and Sign-Off section to protect motorhome owners from non-reported damage by hirers or the activities of unscrupulous or devious hirers.


  1. Owners Instructions regarding Return of Vehicle from Hire:
    We provide owners with a 5 day period in which to check their vehicles but this time limit does not prevent us from taking action regarding damage caused/loss of inventory equipment during a hire period if it is Fully Attributable and Evidenced to a specified hire or hire period.

  2. Damage caused to the hired vehicle while it is on Hire:
    It is the hirer’s responsibility to report any insurable event (including any loss or damage) above £1000 to the hire insurance company otherwise the hirer will be fully liable for any monetary loss or damage to the hired vehicle or any other vehicle or person. This applies to EVERY single event of damage. We fully appreciate that most hirers will not have any experience of valuing motorhome damage we must then require you to report every instance of damage to the Motorhome Hire Insurance Company. If a door lock, cupboard door or broken mirror occurs, and you know that to repair such damage will be below the Insurance Excess of £1000, please report this damage on your return from hire. If you scrape the exterior of the motorhome then always report the circumstances to the Hire Insurance Company, and small scratches to the outside of a vehicle have required a full side repainting job (as good repairers cannot guarantee that if they do touch-ups the vehicle will not look patch-work, so small scrapes and scratches can lead to large repair bills. We offer this advice, as it will only take 20 – 30 minutes to report any damage caused. The Hirer is fully responsible for the first £1000 of any damage for any single event, but this advice will save you from any additional expense.

    In the case of ALL vehicle accidents (regardless of how trivial they may appear), Hirers MUST inform the hire insurance company of ALL road traffic accidents and comply with the information contained in the T&C’s, and the following extract is recorded here to outline the Hirer’s responsibilities: “Responsibility of Hirer to report circumstances to the Hire Insurance Company: (a) In the event of any accident, loss or damage arising out of the use of the vehicle, I will; (1) Notify the hire insurance company of the circumstances of the event and as soon as reasonably practical (2). In the event of a road traffic accident or any reportable event or accident, obtain the names and addresses of any third parties and any witnesses and report the event to the nearest police station; (3). Record and retain the unique reference number of a Crime Report (UK) or European Accident Report form if or when supplied, and in any event record the police unique reference number of the incident; (4). I will not make any admission of liability to other parties, settlement offer or other like offer; (5). Assist the owner, MC and the hire insurance company in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending Court to give evidence; (6). I will pay for any costs relating to the delivery of a change over vehicle (if available) as a result of an accident regardless of which party is at fault”.

  1. Hirers Responsibility to Vehicle Maintenance:

    It is the full responsibility of the Hirer for any tyre damage caused during a period of hire (even if they comply with all of the vehicle limitations regarding where it can be driven). Some drivers may drive the vehicle over roadside kerbs, stones on the road, detriment, or even when parking may cause tyre damage. We cannot tell. As long as all tyres and wheels are in good order at the start of hire, all tyre and wheel damage during any period of hire will be the full responsibility of the Hirer, regardless of explanation or circumstance.  

    The vehicle owner must provide a vehicle that is both safe and legal, and if there are any failings in this area, then please notify the Owner and MHN immediately and BEFORE you sign the T&C’s for the hire of the vehicle.

    The Hirer is fully responsible for the vehicle while it is out on hire and must take all reasonable steps to maintain the vehicle, to check oil and water levels regularly and respond to any engine warning lights displayed on the dashboard.

  1. Drivers Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the Driver of the Hired Vehicle to comply with the T&C’s and the specific conditions set by the hire insurance company and notified to the person booking the motorhome, or contained on the T&C’s.

    UK Licensed drivers are only allowed to drive vehicles that are designated on their Driving Licence. If any driver fails to comply with either the Driver Limitations of Hire or UK Law, then they will NOT be covered by the Hire Insurance Policy for the hired vehicle.

    Non UK drivers are only allowed to drive vehicle to which their weight entitlement applies (e.g. if you are allowed to drive vehicles up to a maximum of 3,500KG in Sweden or Germany, then you are only allowed to drive to this weight limit in the UK). All drivers will be subject to the Road Traffic Regulations of each Country in which they drive. Normally only Drivers will be prosecuted for driver related offences, such as speeding offences, passing a Red Light signal, or moving traffic violations such as careless or inconsiderate driving.


  1. Start and End times of Hire: The start and end times of all periods of hire will be recorded on the Notification of Hired Vehicle. Please adhere to these times and be considerate of the fact that during peak seasons, the vehicles must be returned and handed over to the owner at 5pm as they must be prepared for another hire at 9am on the following morning. Please do not return your hired vehicle at 5pm then spend an hour unloading it as this is inconsiderate and may be subject to penalties. Your hire ends at 5pm on the last day of hire and the vehicle should be clear of all belongings, foodstuffs, bedding and all items by this time. See next.


  1. Penalties: Penalties will be applied (at the owners full discretion) for the following circumstances:- “Penalties: I will be liable for the following penalties due to the hiring of the vehicle recorded herein, when applicable to my period of hire of the vehicle: (a) Cleaning Fee (up to £150.00) will apply if the vehicle is not returned with the interior/exterior in a “normal used condition” (Note: ‘normal used condition’ is defined as ‘any condition that will normally require only two hours cleaning for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle”).  For every hour, and part of an hour required for any additional cleaning time required to bring the vehicle up to the condition that it was hired out, then a charge of £25 per hour will be chargeable to the hirer (to a maximum of 5 hours). Invoices will not apply to this penalty. (b) Toilets: A penalty of £50.00 will be charged if the toilet and waste water tank are not emptied prior to the return of the vehicle. (c) Smokers: Any evidence of any smoking within the interior of the vehicle on its return to base (including owners sence of smell – regardless of physical evidence), will attract a penalty of £100. (d) Pets. They will be subject to any additional cleaning costs outlined in (a) above to a maximum of £150. (e) Late return of vehicle: There will be a penalty of £25 per hour or part of an hour, for every hour that the vehicle is returned after 1700 hrs (5pm) on the last day of hire.


  1. Cancellation Charges: Basically if you cancel your agreed hire within certain time limits you will forfeit some or all of the hire fee Please read our Terms and Conditions as well as the information contained on your Booking Email and Confirmation of Hire Email. The closer a cancellation occurs before the start date, the harder it is to obtain another hirer and owners can suffer severe monetary loss. It is advised that all Hirers obtain sufficient travel insurance that will cover cancellations for any num,ber of forseen and unforseen circumstances.


  1. Travel Insurance: This is advised for ALL hirers to protect you from unseen events. In the recent case of the Iceland Volcano Ash Cloud, it was not the fault of owners of hire vehicles to ensure that hirers had sufficient travel insurance to cover travel cancellations, but the full responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that they had protection from unseen events. Sufficient travel insurance will also protect your possessions against loss or theft while in a hire vehicle (not covered by hire vehicle insurance) or the loss of earnings to owners when after an accident, this monetary loss is not recoverable from either the person causing the accident or a 3rd party who is responsible (demurrage).
  2. Security Deposit Insurance: It is also advised that all Hirers obtain specific Security Deposit Insurance. We provide information regarding this type of insurance on each Booking Form. The Hirer is responsible for the first £1,000 of each seperate area of damage (and above the £1000 insurance excess, the hire insurance will be responsible. On some hires, there are seperate areas of damage caused that are below the hire insurance excess for any seperate event e.g. a wing mirror damaged at a specific tiome, and then a scratch down the side of a motorhome. Both can be viewed as different and seperate occurances by a qualified insurance assessor, and may land the hirer with a large bill of upto £1,000 for each seperate area of damage (unless it occurred as one event). It is highly advised that Hirers consider insuring their Security Deposit with an Independant Company. The usual cost of such insurance is in the region of £50 for each £1,000 deposit held.
  1. Hirer Complaints: We publish our procedures for complaints on all of our websites and you can view them here: www.