Where do you start as there is so much to see on a single visit to Scotland.

Hills and mountains, glens, great glens, lochs, lakes and rivers everywhere, castles by the dozen, stately homes, grand palaces, thousands of museums, wildlife a plenty on land and at sea, shopping malls everywhere, football stadiums in every town and city, pubs, nightclubs and ceilidhs (traditional scottish dancing and if you get the chance, do not miss one), highland games, festivals, great food, haggis, whiskey and whisky trails, walking, cycling and jogging trails, hundreds of islands big and small, tartan, sea everywhere, west coast wildernesses, east coast neuks, quaint villages to bustling towns and cities. Did I mention golf?

There is far, far, far too much to list here, but I will pick out a few of the choice and useful sites to give you a feel of this small and beautiful country of ours.

Have a look at our image gallery of fabulous places in Scotland.